Altar’s gone International!

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We Came, We Saw, We Got “Altar’ed”

Part One

One thing is clear, this film production has affected many, and altered those of us lucky enough to be a part of it.

the boys hanovers the girls hanovers

There are so many “firsts” for the cast and production team that were made possible by working together on Trippin’.

Just to name a few…

A first feature narrative written, directed and shot by the multitalented Dave Reyes.

222A first joint production of two husband-wife teams, Dave and Lisa Reyes and Rain and Cindy Chavez. 24

A first crowdfunded campaign for this team–which surpassed our goals and has us going into post-production with our eyes on entering film festivals.

A first feature-lead-role for the exquisite Lara Shah.

144 A first full-scale “stage it to look like a real wedding”, film wedding


which by the way was done beautifully and under budget by the set designer, wardrobe supervisor and “oh did you know she’s also a bow-tie, bouquet and boutonniere maker?”, superwoman producer, Lisa Reyes000

and many, many more firsts for our talented cast, crew, extras, families and supporters who came through for this project.


We are so thankful to everyone who has participated in Trippin’ to the Altar. We have many partners to thank and you’ll see more info in future blogs. Stay with us, we’re in post-production and will continue to share behind the scenes.

Next blog: Secrets from the bachelorette party filming–there’s jealousy! a fistfight (but not by who you’d think!) and the wedding and reception events (dancing without pants!)

How a Film Production Can Change Your Life…

no group porta

Ok, that got your attention! But really folks, we are so knee-deep in production and getting ready for the “wedding” this Saturday we haven’t had much time to give updates. We will be posting on-the-set details from the last few days of shooting very soon.

Until then, we had to share a few of the amazing production stills from the past week, courtesy of Rain Chavez Photography, which cover a variety of scenes, different Austin locations, and feature much of the cast.

sam katie midway  kathleen smileoh  no park  liz gets crew parkpark oryan  park couple

a few extra shots between takes…

lara dress parkbridge park slatenat 2

this is what shooting a movie, which is about shooting a movie, looks like…fun, huh?

midway bride 2

The bachelorette party and the wedding itself will be shot this weekend, and as can be expected we are very excited but also a little bit crazed with all the planning and details.

We are definitely hard at work but without a doubt,  having the most amazingly fun time, too.

Altar, here come!

lara park sitcker

THANK YOU! Now we finish production and get “down the aisle!”


To everyone that has shown us support, THANK YOU!

With only a few hours left to go on our campaign, we are happy to announce our amount raised has surpassed our goal! We set our sights high and drew that line in the sand. We needed to raise $7,500. Would we make it?

Through the long hours of pre-production meetings, sleep deprivation (helped with tons of caffeine) and panic attacks (brought on by all the caffeine), all-day shoots, shameless promotions and never-ending bartering, we got there!

read through smile


A huge thank you to everyone that has played a part in getting us to this point. Every bit has made a difference. From our actors and crew, to our last-minute stand ins, and our family and friends…the love and support has us feeling incredibly thankful.lara shrugAnd motivated. Motivated to finish production and get this movie “down the aisle” and into festivals.

We aren’t stopping here. Our Indiegogo site remains live and ready for donations to keep comin’. But we are stepping back and pressing “pause” to enjoy the moment and give our thanks back to you.

Here’s to Austin, here’s to independent films, here’s to keeping your dreams alive and sharing that love with others.

yeah squirrel

Altar-a-Go-Go – Success!

This is what Austin is all about!

Last night, new and old friends alike came together to continue to show love for our feature film. We couldn’t be more thankful. 

From the local live music and the keg of cold beer to the bouquet throwing and cake cutting-the event was full of Trippin’ details. 

We want to extend a huge thank you to everyone that helped make our Altar-a-Go-Go event a success. 

But, the work still continues. We are less than $1500 away from reaching our goal. We have a few days left-help our efforts by sharing our Indiegogo donation page. Thank you for the support!